Bouquet Nola

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Birth bouquet Jip

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Bouquet Charlie

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Bouquet Nola with bear

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Bouquet Sophie with bear

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Bouquet Jip with bear

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Bouquet Charlie with bear

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Bouquet Lina

Bouquet Lina is a real winner! Her soft tones of pink and white make this bouquet a picture to look at. Look for example at the beautiful snapdragon, a summery flower that we often see in the Dutch gardens. The wooden heart in this bouquet is made from sustainable wood with a FSC label. After the bloom period you can keep this heart as a loving memory.

This bouquet includes snapdragons and gerberas.

* Exclusive accessories and vase

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Bouquet Livia

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Bouquet Chloe

Wow! With this extra large bouquet, the recipient can only be overwhelmed! This lavish bouquet brings color and warmth to any living room. A perfect gift for anyone who wants to convey a great message. Surprise the recipient today with this extra large bouquet from

This bouquet includes gerberas, roses, lisianthus and lilies.

* Exclusive accessories and vase

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